Hiking in the mountains of our region.

Our region combines in harmony green and blue. In Evgoro Luxury Suites you can enjoy complete relaxation and tranquility at very short distances, night time entertainment, but also the traditional Cretan lifestyle. The Evgoro Luxury Suites is certainly also the place for those who love nature and tranquility and can be a starting point for a walk in the surrounding mountains "Vouvala", Lavraso but also Psiloritis if you would like a longer hike.

So make your reservation now, put a pair of your hiking shoes in your luggage because you will need them to walk in nature. In any case, it is necessary to communicate with us, to give you the correct information about the beautiful paths, and equipment (map, water, food).

The guided walk is with extra charge of 20 € per hour. Also the maps should be returned. For now we show you some of the many places you can walk and enjoy.
For any information please contact us.

Walking on the beach from Agia Galini - Kokinos Pirgos - Kalamaki

Hiking at Vouvala mountain / Πεζοπορεία στη Βουβάλα

Hiking at "Skisti" / Πεζοπορεία Σκιστή

Hiking at "Lavraso" / Πεζοπορεία Λαβρασό

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