Ascent to Psiloritis top

Winter ascent to the peak of Psiloritis, the mountain of Zeus, father of the gods that the ancient Greeks called Ida. It is a short climbing route starts from the shelter of the mountaineering club, situated at Toumpotos Prinos, 10 Km from to Evgoro Suites.
On the way you will encounter one of the finest forests of Crete with holm oaks, asfentamos and a very rich wild ecosystem, Cretan fauna including partridges, hares, hedgehogs, Arkalon, Zouridi, eagles, hawks k.a. while this is one of the smoothest and safe routes you can visit throughout the year

The climb from the lodge to the summit takes about 2.5 to 3 hours.

The Ida is a unique experience and the hikera find out it worth it because the sight is awesome. From then on you can gaze at the Lassithi mountains (in the east), the plain of Messara, the Libyan, islands Paximadia, Agia Galini Melambes, the Cedar, almost all Amariotika villages (south and southwest) Heraklion, the island of Dia, the Malevisi region, northeast, Milopotamos and Rethymno (north), the White Mountains and Sfakia (west). And if you're very lucky and not on a cloudy day you can discern Milos, Santorini, Kythira and Taygetos the Peloponnese.

The church of the Holy Cross, located on the highest peak of Crete, is made of local stone in the style of Cretan traditional shepherd shelters that are based on the structure of the ancient Minoan tombs.

The Mountaineering Association of Rethymno can facilitate a hike for every intersted party.

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