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Agia Galini

Agia Galini is one of the most famous tourist resorts of Crete and is located 2 Km from our suites.
You can find shops with clothing and footwear, gifts, jewelry, folk art and traditional Cretan products, super and mini Market, pharmacy, kiosks, grocery stores, butcher, bakery, pastry, coffee shops, gas stations Rd.
In Agia Galini you will find a great variety of suggestions for restaurants, cafes, Bars, snack-bars, beach-bars etc.
In the summer the port of Agia Galini is used for many events like
concerts and Cretan folk music, theater performances, the local "Fish Night" in early August where fresh fish offered by our region, with good wine and plenty dancing.
Today's settlement of Agia Galini is built on the ancient Minoan city Souli. Here lies the cave of Daedalus where in the famous myth hid, Daedalus, being chased by King Minos and then managed together with his son Icarus to fly to freedom using wings glued with wax.
At this point, there are currently two statues of Daedalus and Icarus, depicting the preparation for their journey.


Agia Galini village is located on the southeast coast of Rethymnon prefecture, in the municipality of Agios Vasilios in Crete Island,Greece. Crete island is known for it's excellent climate, moreover Agia Galini has one of the best micro-climates on Crete, mild throughout the year, the sun shine every day even in the middle of winter. With a wonderful and diverse surrounding natural environment it is an ideal destination for an outdoorsy type of vacation.

The village

The village is built amphitheatrical up into the surrounding hills near the mouth of the River Platys or Amarianos, the houses have a panoramic view over the Messara bay and Libyan Sea. The permanent population is about 600 people and in the summer season it usually increases to over 2000. Tourism, agriculture and fishing are the main occupations for the inhabitants. Agia Galini keeps a balance between a traditional fishing village and modern touristic resort, while it offers all modern amenities to its visitors you can still feel like you are visiting a cretan village and not a standardised resort.

Agia Galini as vacation base

Placed conveniently in the middle of Crete (55 km from Rethymnon and about 68 km from Heraklion) is well suited to be the base for daily excursions. Near Agia Galini there are plenty of points of interest such archaeological sites (e.g Phaistos, Gortyna, Apodoulou), wonderful beaches (e.g Agios Georgios, Agios Pavlos, Preveli Palm beach, Triopetra), traditional villages (e.g Melambes, Apodoulou, Nithavri), religious sites (e.g Preveli Monastery, Odigitria Monastery), hiking starting points and many more.


The current village of Agia Galini is built on the ancient Minoan city Sulia which was one of the hundred cities of Crete described by Homer. There was a temple dedicated to the goddess Artemis and it was a place of worship. The history of Soulia continued until the 7th century when it was destroyed by pirates. Remnants of this city and temple have been found, such as buildings, tombs, marbles and two granite columns that adorn until today the village's church.

The bay of Agia Galini was suitable anchorage for ships , and used in the revolutions of 1821 and 1866 for unloading munitions . Later because it was the nearest port to the fertile and oil producing region of Ampadia and Melampes,the port was used for loading oil to ships , but the village was still uninhabited. The settlement was founded in 1884, commercial buildings , oil warehouses and some residences were built. Over the years the commercial traffic and export of oil increased significantly and therefore Customs were founded. After a few years ( 1890 ) there was a permanent settlement of about 20 people.

Name origins

The name of Agia Galini , according to tradition , is due to the Empress Eudocia of Byzantium (or Athinais daughter Athenian philosopher Leontius ), on the journey of exile to Africa the ship faced a big storm not far from the ancient city of Soulia. Asking for the help of Mary ,the Empress Eudocia suggested the crew to approach the shore , and made ​​a vow that she would build a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary if they could find shelter. Indeed the ship moored safely to the naturally sheltered beach of the village , and the Empress began to build the temple. The temple was named "Holy Virgin of serenity" (γαλήνη means serenity) and after years became Agia Galini(Saint Serenity). This Byzantine church of Panagia(Holy Virgin) -which is of rare architecture- is still used as the cemetery's church.

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Melabes is located 4 km from Evgoro suites at an altitude of 560 meters on the slopes of the same mountain Vouvala that our suites are located.
Just opposite Melambes is the highest mountain Psiloritis and mountain Kentros.


1. The folk architecture of the village with endless labyrinthine alleys, single-storey houses with vines on the terraces, the rounded lintel (kamarikes), forming an unusual environment appropriate to relax the visitor. In the center of the village visitors can enjoy a coffee, raki,or a refreshment along with its inhabitants, or try the local traditional food recipes in the taverns of the village.

2. The two water fountains that exist in the village with stone carved decoration, which are causing the guests to not only browse, but to drink the cool water, wash their face or at least his hands during the hot summer days. In the courtyard of the lower fountain you can relax in the shadow of a great Platanus tree. In this simple but beautiful area that overlooks the unstoppable gurgle of water and synchronized with chirping of sparrows a surrounding environment is created that is difficult to let go.

3. The church of Agia Paraskevi. Is a basilica Temple of the 14th century with magnificent frescoes carefuly maintainted by archeology.

4. The dyklitos Church of Holy Mary. Built in 1835 and it's walls are so large and thick that reminds a fortress

5. The Church of the Four Saints Martyrs. It is the Cathedral of the village that has been built in 1952 in a prominent and really panoramic position and is dedicated to local saints 4 Martyrs George Angelis, Manuel, Nicholas

6. The Monastery of Saint George in Finokalia 14th century. The monastery operated by nuns until the decade of 1980. The Parish has preserved all the buildings recently and has formed the surroundings of the properly so that every pilgrim can enjoy the serenity of the place and the shade of trees.

7. The home of the Four Saints Martyrs . Located at the top of the village beside a perennial holm oak that the tradition affirms that it was at the home one of the Saints.

8. The monument of the village. It is the work of artist Vangelis Melampianou Psilaki . The theme is taken from the struggles for freedom. The memorial is located in the central square of the village where there are restaurants, cafes, bakery and cafes, where visitors can enjoy delicious food and drinks under the view of Psiloreitis mountain.

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