In the "Lenikos" area I found the perfect place and quickly wanted to share it and turn it into a destination for those who yearn to be in an area diverse, authentic and truly unique area. The three years spent on designing and construction, was perhaps the most important business phase of my life. Together with my husband and children and my extended family, we worked with passion and love.

Before even finishing  the construction of the furnished residentials "Evgoro Luxury Suites", I envisioned a future  where guests from around the world, would share my vision and would love  to see and explore this place, to live in a perfect harmonious environment that combines mountains and sea, experience at first hand the pristine nature, hike in the surrounding mountain tops, swim in the clear blue waters of the Libyan Sea, feel the absolute purity of the atmosphere on their face, listen to the melody of silence,  experience true peace and the four seasons: a mild, sunny winter, a spring when the earth suddenly pops open and is filled with colorful flowers, the nights of April with nightingale songs accompanying your dreams, the perfect clear blue sky in August with cool nights and the sound of the sea reaching uphill like a whisper, and autumn when nature is dressed in beautiful dramatic red, yellow and brown.

Guests will not only be impressed by Agia Galini the cosmopolitan tourist destination, it's pristine beaches and the traditional village of Melabes, but also close by wonderful traditional villages, which are truly hidden gems on the map of this experience.

Evgoro Luxury Suites is a place designed with a vision to also be a starting point for a visitor to discover this magic throughout Crete. Those who wish to enjoy the well being which this place generously offers, taste the products of nature, authentic traditional recipes, swim as the sun sets or during the day in his private pool, relax body and mind while gazing from the terrace overlooking the bay, "Paximadia" island, Agia Galini and the imposing "Leniko" rock that silently narrate not only the story of Crete but also the entire world!

Areti Tsourdalaki-Skarlatou
Owner of Evgoro Luxury Suites

Evgoro Luxury Suites

Agia Galini, 74056
Rethymnon, Crete

Phone: +30 6972879845
Phone: +30 6932214503